Balfolkcafé Groningen

Thursday 16th of March 2017 at 19:30

Dance to live folk music
Balfolk is a dance movement made up of a collection of Western European dances. You can compare it to a tango or salsa night, but with Western European music (mostly from France and Flanders). Some couple dances will be played, like Scottish, Mazurka and Bourrée, but also group dances like the Jig/Chapelloise and Cercle. We will begin each Balfolk Café with a short dance instruction so everyone can join in! There are balfolk music sessions at the end of the evening, so bring your own instrument if you like. Check for more information (become a member first): facebook page “Balfolkcafé Groningen” or

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19:30 dansuitleg met melancollectiv
20:30 klareon
21:30 sessie
Fee: Free donations are welcome!

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